Holistic Specialist - Erin Oberlander
I help health conscious people 'opt out' of the current "status quo" healthcare system
If you are hoping to live and feel healthier, connect deeper in who you are, and find a community of ladies who want the same then I can definitely help.
I LOVE living and teaching others to live Holistically... and my accomplishments include:
- Doctorate of Musical Arts

- Certified Holistic Aromatherapist (Level II)

- Self-taught herbalist

- Permaculturalist and modern homesteader

- Natural perfumery, flower essences, Reiki Level II Usui, natural beauty care.

- Co-Instructor and Co-Founder of the online Intuitive & Seasonal Living Academy
Awards, Titles, and Designations: 
Certified Holistic Aromatherapist
fun facts:
- I started life as a gymnast, worked through my early adulthood issues by becoming a belly dancer, and am now a martial artist. And I still do not consider myself “sporty.”

- I choose to leave the city and move back to the prairies of North Dakota to reconnect to the land and myself and my community in a more meaningful way.

- Left a professorship in the University setting to pursue a career in wellness full time as I saw the work to be more impactful, creative, and empowering on a much deeper level.

- Interesting travels: 3 week music missions trip in Romania. Upcoming family heritage trip to Sweden. 

- I still do music every week by leading worship at my church, and I occasionally still perform vocal art music for charity concerts or by creating my own recitals.
work history:
- 15 years working with essential oils as owner of Prairie Soap House & Apothecary

-Over 20 years working as a teacher and instructor in various subjects including 8 years at the University level and as a Continuing Education instructor for other wellness professionals

-Working one-on-one with clients for various wellness goals
-Writer for various online and print publications including The Highplains Reader, Project Light & Love, The Countryside Network, and others

-Leading a team of dynamic influencers through my network marketing company

-Establishing my own permaculture homestead

-Distilling my own essential oils and crafting various herbal and aromatic remedies, many of which I also grow or wild-craft on the North Dakota prairie
Other Info:
- Have been working in the wellness field for 15 years, continuing my education in a diverse array of subject matter relevant to helping clients.

- Certified as an aromatherapist (as opposed to someone who just sells essential oils

- Having overcome and overcoming my own health issues.

- Health presenter and inspirational speaker at conferences, retreats, and now GGE
- Prairie Soap House & Apothecary exists today because I was battling my own mysterious health issues. I came to realize that I was not going to get the answers I was seeking from the mainstream medical community and that I would need to advocate for myself.

- I had half my thyroid removed (cancer scare).

- I've gone through a very severe panic and anxiety disorder that I only survived because of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

- I have battled long-term weight loss resistance despite an extremely healthy lifestyle and diet, which gave me the tools to help others with a wide array of challenges related to that and to wellness in general.

- I am working on healing a brain injury that went undiagnosed for most of my adult life.

- I am also working on managing and balancing some very rare and unique genetic challenges (including homozygous mthfr as well as the inability to absorb most nutrients).

- All of this I did while being dismissed by the medical community and most of the people around me—until I finally found my own answers. This is why I feel so passionate about helping others to take back their power as it relates to their health and their well-being.
bottom line:
When you want to Opt out of the current "status quo" healthcare system, we're the ones who can help you with Holistic Living.

And as you can see, I can definitely help you live and feel healthier, connect deeper in who you are, and find a community of ladies 
who want the same!
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